Morality & Diversity at Work

My research interests and projects revolve around two interrelated themes and questions:

1. Intragroup morality and norm violations: How does (im)morality motivate team members? How do individuals cope with threats to intragroup morality stemming from norm violations in work settings?

2. Inter- and intragroup diversity: How can we create a diverse and inclusive environment for teams and organisations? How are individuals affected by—and how do they perform in—diverse (working) groups? In one of my research projects I focus specifically on Gender diversity in academia: To what extent do male and female scientists face differential opportunities in academia? I am particularly interested in developing effective evidence-based interventions to obtain equal opportunities and equal gender representation in teams and organisations.

In answering these questions, I use different measures and methods (e.g., implicit and explicit measures, psychophysiological measures, lab experiments, field studies, surveys).